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Inspiration in Billund

Being a 'Master Facilitator in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method’, the place to be in October is the yearly conference.

We started with some action in workshops about actors on our environment and what their impact would be if something happens. By using LEGO it all seems more real and helps you see possible impact and enhances creative problem solving. Being in the LEGO Innovation House (not open for public), seeing and feeling the story of LEGO from strategic perspective, was very surprising.

The next two days are always a challenge for me: Interesting presentations and thoughts, but sitting still is not my favourite thing ;-). LEGO seems like a good alternative though, instead of regular interaction with the people they make you build what you think. The most interesting part if you ask me: the use of LEGO in schools and academic research on the effect of using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in workshops on company results.

But to be honest, the most important part of the conference is always after closing time. We gather as much colleagues as possible to go to the local bar (there is only 1 bar in Billund - I am not kidding!) and have a beer together. We chat about real life stuff, what we have tried, how we failed, new partnership and friendships arise and we inspire each other.

What I have learned in Billund and by doing workshops with LEGO in the past years? Trust the connection between people, between your mind and the bricks, … it is there and if you open up it will bring you exactly what you need to get to the next step.

Thanks guys for the hard fun and for the connection. See you next your in Billund!

Interested to know more about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and how it can help you with creative thinking and problem solving? Contact Tama ( for a chat and/or a coffee!

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