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LEGO Love <3

Some time ago I had lunch with a good friend. After a nice lunch and some catching up he proposed me to create my own master piece with LEGO bricks.

He asked me to create my own ideal environment, professional and personal, using bricks and attributes. Play time, how fun is that! Using the bricks made it a lot easier for me to put everything into perspective: no mental barriers when building the environment because it makes the facts less confronting, but very realistic when you take a closer look at your creation.

The next step was to put the perfect trainer into my own environment and to adapt the environment to make everything fit. Linking my own environment (personal) to the trainer perspective (professional context) was very refreshing, it made sure I translated my own values into my professional context.

Breaking habitual thinking and in just a few minutes time I already had some new ideas about the trainers I should hire and how my professional life fits into my personal life.

I love my small master piece and it convinced me that LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a great tool to help other people on personal or professional level.

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