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Digital Innovation is hard fun!

The past two days we were invited to organise a workshop about 'Digital Innovation'. A refuelling workshop of course, as in not giving boring info and exercises but as in being creative and having fun delivering useful output.

25 people, a fine mix of management and operational people, spent 2 days in a beautiful domain in Wange. All volunteers not only to be there for 2 days and nights to think about the future of the company, but also prepared to take things further and to work on the output on the longer term. A group that open and motivated, a true gift for a facilitator.

Goals of the workshop: Create a shared vision on the current and future situation of the company from digital point of view and an overview of the stakeholders involved. Idea generation and creating the first concepts of possible projects. And last but not least creating an inspiring team atmosphere in an environment where everybody is equal.

Easy and relax? Absolutely not!

But it was fun and inspiring and they worked hard to deliver great output for the future.

Keep on surfing the wave guys and we are looking forward to the next step: Transforming the concepts into Project Plans.

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