Digital Innovation is hard fun!

The past two days we were invited to organise a workshop about 'Digital Innovation'. A refuelling workshop of course, as in not giving boring info and exercises but as in being creative and having fun delivering useful output. 25 people, a fine mix of management and operational people, spent 2 days in a beautiful domain in Wange. All volunteers not only to be there for 2 days and nights to think about the future of the company, but also prepared to take things further and to work on the output on the longer term. A group that open and motivated, a true gift for a facilitator. Goals of the workshop: Create a shared vision on the current and future situation of the company from digital point o

LEGO Love <3

Some time ago I had lunch with a good friend. After a nice lunch and some catching up he proposed me to create my own master piece with LEGO

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