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"Goodwill is the only asset that

competition cannot undersell or destroy."

- Marshall Field

Enabling real change by offering hard fun is what we are good at.

We involve all levels in your organisation, together we create an inspiring vision and strategy and enhance organisational agility.

No standard packages or tools,

but tailor made solutions developed by a passionated team, all subject experts in their own domain working together with and for you under the quality label of The refuelers.

No boring trainings or coaching sessions,

but fun solution oriented workshops & confronting but inspirational coaching sessions.

Whether you are an individual, a team or a company, The refuelers will fuel your growth. 

It's all about GOODWILL

Goodwill is the desire of people to pursue the WE-factor.


From a short intervention or single training to a broad project approach, we adapt to your values and needs. We measure our quality by the results and the independence of our customers, our goal is to pass on as soon as you are comfortable and ready to carry on for the longer term.

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Interested in knowing more? Don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting, for a quick question or to have a coffee together. Or read some more on 'How we do it'.

Looking for more information about the services that are accepted for subsidy?


Feel free to ask us or have a look at :


A WE-employee puts his strengths to work.

A WE-employee is proud to create remarkable experiences together and is willing to do what it takes. 


A WE-customer is

a true ambassador.

A WE-customer sees you as a partner and is eager to do something for and with you. A WE-customer challenges you to be innovative and agile.


A WE-manager

builds on strengths,

walks his talk, empowers and connects people.

A WE-manager creates a bridge between internal and external stakeholders.


A WE-organisation

has the guts to look in the mirror and to do what it takes to create

an open culture.

A WE-organisation is consistant and has the courage to make choices.

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