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Design Sprint

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Youll have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable: uncomfortably fast, uncomfortably imperfect and uncomfortably incomplete.

And then the magic happens!

Validate ideas and solve big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers in only 1 week

What is Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint framework was developed at Google, to align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables. The design sprint framework is being adopted by companies big and small, and from all over the world within different industries.

A design sprint is a design thinking method used to solve complex problems throughout co-creation, rapid prototyping, and qualitative testing with targeted users.

Who is the BlackLions Design Sprint it for?












Why use a Design Sprint?

If you are interest in :

  • Speeding up alignment and decision-making

  • Saving money by reducing risk

  • Creating what your customers really want


How we do the one and only BlackLions Design Sprint?

  1. Understand.  Map out the problem and pick an important area to focus.

  2. Ideate.  Sketch out competing solutions on paper.

  3. Decide.  Make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.

  4. Prototype.  Hack together a realistic prototype.

  5. Test.  Get feedback from real live users.



When you use big (virtual) whiteboards to solve problems, magic happens. The room itself becomes a sort of shared brain for the team. We support and challenge you throughout the process.

The Design Sprint approach is available in live workshops as well as in a virtual meeting room setting. And what’s more … the BlackLions can do it in English, Dutch or French.


WHY - You want to improve something, develop a new idea or something is just not going as it should be. You want to do it fast and make sure you do the right thing at the same time.

WHAT - You want to improve or change the way you do business with your customers, what they experience when buying from you.

HOW - You want to create a new or improved product or service, a new tool, different content or implement a new process.

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You only have 2 minutes? You are already late for another meeting? Or you still have to refuel on coffee ...

You want to find out more about Design Sprint and/or impress your colleagues and boss?

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Simon Peter, Operations Manager at VELUX:

“We wanted to improve the customer journey by developing a digital configurator helping our customers choose the perfect solution for their room. Instead of developing it based on our (biased) internal perspective, we followed the Design Sprint methodology to integrate real customers feedback and a multi-disciplinary problem-solving team in the process.

This decision gave us great insights, learnings and alignments. It saved us a lot of time and represented a real boost for the final configurator development. The most complex and significant part of the project was solved in a week.

I was quite surprised of the Design Sprint approach being so quick, efficient and actionable. It normally takes so much longer to get everybody aligned while capturing customer feedback as well! Great experience.”

Who are the BlackLions?

We are trained and accredited facilitators in the design sprint approach. We combine the power of the framework with our expertise in coaching, workshops and facilitating change.

Looking forward to connect with a (virtual) coffee or tea!


Tamara Alen

Entrepreneur, linking the hard and the soft side,  dares to challenge and driven by your success.




Pierrette Cauwe

Marketing adept, loves connecting

the dots, structured and results driven.

Black Lions, dream or reality?

Rarely seen, but experts believe they still live in the wild.

Difficult to find, but crucial to study evolution and guarantee success in the future.

LUCKY YOU, we found not one but two BlackLions to help you grow!

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