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"Unless you try to learn something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."

Engine Refill

aka Training

When it comes to training, we don't believe in 'telling people what to do'. We focus on out-of-the-box and fun workshops where people get the fuel they need from a facilitating expert and immediately experience what it feels like in practice. Everybody should leave the training with a bag full of fuel and a personal action plan for the future. Follow up is part of the success.

Some words to describe our training: learning by doing, hybrid, action plan, grow, fun, out-of-the-box, expert facilitator, follow up

We offer a range of public courses at our venues in Hoegaarden and Leuven for individuals and also tailor-made inhouse training and workshops for teams. We are an accredited training organisation offering a range of certified and non-certified courses. 

A selection of our training offer:


Hard Fun



  • Problem solving with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

  • Serious games: Sales, Project Management, Agile, ...

  • Mission/Vision/Strategy

  • Management & Ops create an action plan

  • Simulations or brainstorming with up to 150 participants

  • Personal Leadership

  • Make your Change stick

  • Individual entrepreneurship

  • Lead with Respect

  • Lean Leadership

  • Become a real communicator

  • Employability

  • Team work in a service environment

  • Debating

  • Sales skills

  • Stress is an opportunity

  • Project Management

  • Working Agile

  • How reporting helps you reach your goals

  • A stress free organisation

  • Talent in motion

  • Kick Start for SME's

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