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"If the plan doesn't work,

change the plan but not the goal."

Engine Revision

aka Projects

The refuelers are your partners in crime when it comes to make change for the better.

We don't use fixed packages or models, we create a plan adapted to your values and needs

We go beyond the quick fix. Both soft and hard skills are at stake in order to anchor meaningful change. Together we identify the quick wins for the road and the sustainable & significant actions to reach your goals.

Your success and independence in the long term makes us happy. It's your project and we will facilitate and help you whenever you need it as much as you need it.

A few topics: 

  • cultural change

  • create change readiness

  • expectation management as key driver for customer and employee loyalty

  • manage capability by people and tools and link it to the business

  • create and facilitate a high potential program

  • install entrepreneurship from top to bottom

  • embed leadership in all layers of an organisation

  • practice lean in a service environment

  • optimise customer experience

  • create a stress resistant organisation

  • create a sales minded organisation

  • merge two units

  • operational excellence in sales

  • setup an SME

  • ...

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