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"If somebody tells you it can't be done,

it's more a reflection of their limitations than yours."

aka Challenging Minds and Problem Solving

Sometimes the only thing you need is a little kick in the ass or to put it more gently, some food for thought.

What does that mean?

You have a dream or a problem and you are not too sure about what to do next. We dare to challenge you or your team to define a crystal clear goal or concepts to work on. Sometimes we share our expertise and in other cases we facilitate workshops to help you define possible solutions. We combine Lego Serious Play with other creative techniques in a tailor made workshop. We can coach from the sideline or play the game with you, in any case we are in this together.


Key words for our engine boosters: fast and efficient, evidence based, getting started, involved, sharing best practices, challenging, hard fun

Some topics:​

  • launch a business plan

  • create team identity and values

  • digital innovation

  • levers for employability

  • communication

  • leadership and management

  • company safety culture

  • sales management

  • capability management

  • guidelines for future business and escallation

  • systemic constellations for teams

  • whatever problem or dream you want to be challenged for

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