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Personal Impact

A 3-day workshop to enhance your personal impact. Use your influencing skills and use differences in opinion as a lever for respectful communication.

3 days


1.175€ (vat excl.)

What is it?

This 3-day workshop will help you develop your influencing skills, stimulate assertive behaviour, speak from your own strength and to better manage conflicts in order to maintain positive and productive relations.

Key topics

  • developing self-leadership

  • understanding priorities and feelings of others

  • how to present your point of view

  • giving feedback

  • exploring ideas and compromise

  • managing differences

  • letting others know how they contributed

  • your impact people's self-esteem

  • gain credibility

  • making people lean in

  • managing controversial situations

  • creating buy-in

  • recognise relations in a team

  • resolving a conflict


Today's social and professional environment demand new communication skills. 

In this workshop you will learn how to influence relationships on a day-to-day basis. You will be able to propose solutions, express your opinion, persuade others and help people to become more self-confident and efficient.

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • formulate and stand by your own opinion in a positive way

  • recognise the difference between different conflict handling styles

  • adopt an assertive attitude in difficult situations

  • be more connected during teamwork

  • formulate constructive requests

Target audience

Every professional who regularly faces situations where he has to deal with colleagues with different viewpoints, opinions and expectations.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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