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Connecting Communication


- Frances Hesselbein

Connecting Communication inspires people to act mindfully and to communicate effectively by using their emotional intelligence.


Cultural transformation happens when people in the organization become deeply aware of their motivations and are able to align these with their organizational strategic intentions in a collaborative way. It is an evolutionary process that unleashes the best of what can be, both individually and collectively.

How we do it?

  1. UNDERSTAND WHAT MOTIVATES YOUR TEAM: We start with an assessment to get a clear picture of what your employees truly care about, enabling you to keep your employees passionately engaged and performing at their best. The first step is gathering feedback from you and your people.

  2. DIAGNOSE WHAT IS AND IS NOT WORKING: The assessment flags the gaps between your current and optimal culture, highlighting any dysfunction in your organization with our Cultural Entropy® score.  We will identify the level of chaos in your company and where it comes from. Together with you we will go to the root cause.

  3. DISCOVER A CLEAR PATH FORWARD: The data is the basis for defining measurable goals and an actionable roadmap to a higher-performance culture. Together with you we will define what needs to be doen to improve your change readiness.

  4. MANAGE THE PROGRESS: When managing your Change Program, we walk with you and support you where and when you need it. We check what’s happening in the culture of your organization on a regular basis to respond to a rapidly changing world.

Communiceren doen we allemaal. Communicatie vormt een aanzienlijk deel van ons leven.

Zowel gesprekken met collega’s, familie en vrienden, als onze interne, ‘stille' mentale gedachten beïnvloeden ons welzijn.

Spijtig genoeg hebben we onze communicatie niet altijd onder ‘controle’.

Hoe goed we het ook bedoelen, toch lijken woorden niet altijd het gewenste effect te bereiken.


Toch kan het anders!



We bring our own experience, passion, and commitment to support you and your organization in reaching its highest potential.

- we inspire

- we give practical examples and tools

- we let your experience and try in a safe environment

Do you want to be part of an organisation and world in connection? Let’s go for the challenge together.


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