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A package to give entrepreneurs more fuel on strategic, sales and personal level. A combination of training and personal coaching.

2 days


900€ (vat excl.)

What is it?

A combination of training and coaching to help entrepreneurs to get started or to improve their way of working. 3 x 0,5 day practical training & 2 hours of personal coaching.

Key topics

  • DAY 1 (0,5 day)

    • Getting started:

      • How to

      • Business Plan

      • Target Group

  • DAY 2 (0,5 day)

    • Sales:

      • What is a customer

      • Approach​

      • Sales Management

  • DAY 3 (0,5 day)

    • You as an entrepreneur​

      • Self employed or entrepreneur

      • Roles

      • Pitfalls

  • CAOCHING​ (2h)

    • Personal coaching session to give you a kickstart​


After this workshop you will:

  • have a better view on the different aspects of being an entrepreneur

  • be able to refine or create your own business plan

  • be able to define your target group and see the link with sales and communication

  • have practical input on how to do successful sales

  • have your personal action plan

Target audience

Starting entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs that would like to improve the way they are working.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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