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Creating meaningful change

A 2-day workshop to learn more about change and the tools that enable you to manage it better in both personal and work context.

2 days


1.075€ (vat excl.)

What is it?

This practical 2-day course will give you an overview over the main theories and tools and the underpinning principles of the process of managing change. It will provide you techniques to enable successful change.

Key topics

  • What is change?

  • The processes in change

  • Triggers for change

  • The effect of change on different levels​​

    • personal​

    • professsional

    • organisational

  • Models for change management

  • The constructive approach

  • Past and future - convictions and values

  • How to manage change

    • Approach​

    • The human factor

  • How to make change stick


Change is often ignored or underestimated, although change management is one of the most essential components of business in order to remain competitive. One of the attributes of a successful leader today is the capability to lead teams through change processes in order to deliver stronger business outcomes.

After this workshop you will:

  • undertand change and its processes

  • be able to recognise and manage the resistance linked to change on both organisational and individual level

  • be able to manage change in a structured and people oriented way

Target audience

All managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals responsible for ensuring change is implemented successfully.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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